Training Subcommittee

Chair: Alexandra Steiner, American Systems
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Deputy Chair: Koren Odermann, Cubic Mission & Performance Solutions
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This subcommittee seeks papers that discuss the application of innovative concepts, methods, and technologies to create effective training solutions. Papers should present a design framework based on literature, analysis of current solutions and training needs, and practical application. Popular topic areas include agile and adaptive training strategies, integration techniques, training system interoperability, individual and collective team training, crew coordination, and legacy system upgrades. Evaluations of training effectiveness and lessons learned, documented with quantifiable data, are also encouraged. Emerging areas of interest include technology based medical training, cyber training, augmented reality and virtual training environments, game-based learning, and training techniques to deal with uncertain and rapidly changing environments. The subcommittee is interested in all phases of training system design and development including planning, analysis, design, development, deployment, evaluation, and life cycle support. Submissions from new industries that demonstrate innovative and effective training methods are welcomed.