I/ITSEC Fellow Information & Nomination

Being elected a Fellow is the highest honor bestowed by the National Training and Simulation Association (NTSA) on behalf of the world-wide Modeling, Simulation, and Training (MS&T) community. Selection recognizes individuals that have provided significant influence in advancing the state of the modeling, simulation, education, and training. As such, Fellows are elected for and are recognized each calendar year but are considered Fellows for Life.



I/ITSEC Fellows is a series of presentations by technical leaders responsible for the seminal contributions that have fundamentally shaped the simulation and training capabilities being delivered today. The conference leadership invites iconic visionaries to share their insight for future developments and to describe their part in reaching our current posture, relating both their success and challenges as enduring lessons learned that will apply across a broad range of endeavors as the community moves forward. Please note that Recipients are asked to submit a paper to I/ITSEC describing those efforts and lessons learned as a way to preserve this information in our collective Body of Knowledge – this requires commitment on the part of the Nominee to write the paper, create a presentation, and to travel to I/ITSEC to make a 90-minute presentation that will be recorded and available on the NTSA YouTube Channel for posterity.


The candidate’s nomination package must be received by 1 April. Any nomination package received after the deadline will be considered for the following year. Please note: if you have previously nominated an individual for the I/ITSEC Fellows program, only resubmit if additional information about the nominee is available for inclusion and consideration.

Nomination Procedure

Nominee(s) must meet the criteria set forth in the Nomination Application. Nomination applications should be completed and submitted on behalf of the nominee as outlined in the instructions contained in the application forms. Anyone may submit an individual for consideration. To be fully compliant, please follow the format and order specified on the Nomination Template to ensure that all of the required information is contained within the appropriate sections of the application.


Evaluation Criteria

Please do not assume that any of the evaluators know anything about the nominee. The I/ITSEC Fellows Committee and the NTSA Leadership will assess each nomination purely on the merits of the information contained within the package, so please ensure that you’ve addressed the required information adequately to ensure the Committee can apply the following criteria:  

  1. The Fellows Committee will determine if the application clearly states the contributions made by the nominee to the MS&T community, with an emphasis on how this individual was a significant influence in shaping the current state of technology and practice.  
  2. The Fellows Committee will determine if the application clearly demonstrates that the nominee personally made the contribution and provide details to include circumstances, time, duration, location, etc.
  3. The Fellows Committee will determine if the application clearly distinguishes the nominee from others in their discipline because of their contribution to the MS&T community..
  4. The Fellows Committee will determine if the application clearly demonstrates if the nominee’s contribution is still applicable or foundational to MS&T, or how their contribution paved the pathway for the current MS&T technology and/or practice.
    a. The application should clearly demonstrate that the nominee’s contribution forms the foundation for frameworks, architectures, practices, standards, etc., still in use today, or how the contribution enabled the current state-of-the-art.

    b. If the contribution is not to MS&T technology, the application should clearly state how
    those contributions are beneficial to the industry or MS&T community today.
  5. Did the nomination include information about contributions and accomplishments in MS&T, for example:
    a. Did the nominee file any patents?

    b. Did the nominee provide public service to the MS&T community?

    c. Did the nominee receive National and/or international awards, decorations, honors, etc.?

Fellows Committee Chair

Brian Holmes