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2019 Conference Statistics

  • Approximately 17,400 total registrants

Included in that total (in round figures) are:

  • 4,700 conference delegates
  • 6,900 exhibit personnel
  • 5,800 exhibit visitors
  • 550 exhibiting companies in 431 exhibits (191,800 NSF)
  • 1,984 International registrants from 56 countries

Serious Games Competition

Face complex challenges and command cities and armies at the Serious Games Competition. "Serious Games" is attracting competitors from individual gamers, academia, industry, and government. Don't be left out – visit the Serious Games page for information and then come to I/ITSEC and experience the latest in serious games.

Launchpad! Exhibit Hall, Booth 793

This special event designed to provide a venue for demonstration of innovative and disruptive technologies to I/ITSEC attendees. Team Orlando, an inter-service military partnership in Central Florida, has taken the lead to create a forum where industry, academia and government participants can display their latest and greatest technologies to conference attendees, to include key government acquisition stakeholders, with focused presentations during I/ITSEC. The objective is to showcase innovative and disruptive initiatives that may be included in future acquisition efforts. Visit to learn more!

Emerging Medical Simulations

See remote medical procedures taking place in a virtual world as avatars recover from physical and mental trauma. More humans will live because of this technology. See the next thing in medical training.

Preparing for Disasters

Participate in planning for natural and man-made disasters as part of a big city team. Watch and learn as your solutions are tested in complex constructive simulated environments. Are you up to the challenge of evacuating a real U.S. city from a major hurricane? Can you avoid another Katrina, Irma or Marie?

Soar Through the Skies without Leaving the Ground

Think you can dogfight with the best and win? Climb into a real cockpit, strap in, and feel the controls just as they are in an F-16. Mix it up with the enemy's best. If you survive, get a debriefing from an avatar.

Visit & Interact with Other Cultures

Can you convince the village elder to release his hostages or turn against the bad guys? Participate in cultural interactions using avatars and simultaneous linguistic and body language inputs. Learn what motivates people of other backgrounds.