Career Fair

2023 information will be posted in August!

All Career Fair attendees must register in order to attend the in-person Career Fair. Contact Carol Dwyer at for registration instructions as an in person participant.

The career fair is a one-day, in-person event, concurrent with the conference in November/December, targeted at graduating students, current professionals, and veterans looking to start or continue their career in STEM.

This event and networking opportunity gives participants direct access to hiring officials, recruiters and managers from Small Business to our Large Business Partners, as well as provide them an opportunity to attend workshops, corporate features, recruiter panels, a resume database, interview engagements, and more.

This event is designed to be:

  • an opportunity to learn more about open opportunities available from Government and Industry Partners.
  • a networking opportunity for businesses that have subcontracting needs.
  • a space to learn about the Government's perspective and process.
  • an environment to grow your network of teaming partners and Government partners.

Visit the I/ITSEC show floor and learn about your new opportunities.

Government, Industry, and Academia Partners

You have the opportunity here to recruit the best of the best in next generation talent. I/ITSEC is not only about forging new business partnerships and educating our workforce with the latest in technology developments, but also about return on investment with direct access to the talent pipeline. The pricing structure is at no cost to the government and military, $300 for small businesses, and $700 for large businesses. Sponsorship opportunities in lieu of entry fees are available.

Participating companies will be on a first come, first served basis so reserve quickly. Contact Carol Dwyer at by 11 November 2022 to register your company today!

Please reach out to Teresa Speck ( or Karen Fray ( if you have questions or need additional information about the Career Fair.


2023 information will be posted in August!

About NTSA's Career Fair

Previously, NTSA’s annual Career Fair has been conducted during I/ITSEC. As the program develops, NTSA plans to conduct four career fairs annually to better support our industry, and provide opportunities for new talent to enter the industry as valued professionals. In-person Career Fairs will be held at I/ITSEC and at the Training Systems Industry Symposium (TSIS). Additionally, two virtual Career Fairs will target new talent to the industry. The first will attract new college graduates and the second will provide opportunities for undergraduate students to learn about and apply for internships with the Government and industry.