For media representatives and for those who have question for or about Media.

Public relations firms and public relations offices representing exhibitors at I/ITSEC should be aware that no useful media registration list exists until at best a week before the event opens. Media are usually late in committing to register, and many come to the convention center during I/ITSEC and register at that time. This unfortunately prevents us from providing media lists to interested parties in advance of the opening of I/ITSEC.

I/ITSEC is an on the record event, communications from any panel or gathering or on the exhibitor floor is on the record. Reporters and subjects should set their own ground rules in one-on-one interviews. For instance, a panel that features several government officials will be on the record and is open to questions from media. A one-on-one interview with a reporter and a government official is subject to the terms of that interview as they set it.

Additional Information for Press

Onsite at I/ITSEC

  • Upon arrival, go directly to the Media/Speaker check-in station, which will be open through midday Wednesday.
  • After that time, please check-in at any desk at the main registration station in the West Concourse Lobby.
  • Attendance at I/ITSEC is free of charge for all accredited media. Please be aware that while I/ITSEC programs and exhibits are unclassified, individual presenters and exhibitors might be sensitive to media coverage for proprietary or other reasons. Journalists and photographers should be certain to ask permission to cover individual events or exhibitors in advance.

The Media Center consists of a Meeting Room containing material from I/ITSEC exhibitors as well as television monitors, coffee, and Working Rooms for the Show Daily, the I/ITSEC video crews, and the I/ITSEC photography crew.

Show Daily

The I/ITSEC Show Daily is the daily journal of I/ITSEC and appears each morning during the event. Every issue of the Show Daily will feature a listing of that day's events-corporate briefings, special events, and other activities. Be certain to check each issue for possible story leads. Coverage in the Show Daily is determined by the editorial team. If you are interested in suggesting coverage topics, stop by the Show Daily office to talk with one of the staff members. Please keep in mind that due to the volume of possible stories surrounding I/ITSEC not all items will be accepted. If you believe you have a good lead, however, please don't hesitate to bring it to the attention of the Show Daily staff.


One or more video crews will also operate out of the Media Center. Be certain to check the NTSA YouTube channel, NTSAToday, for constant uploads of material from the I/ITSEC show floor. Among other subjects, the crews will cover individual booths, under the same editorial conditions that determine Show Daily coverage.


Visit the Exhibitor website to see the exhibitor list, floorplans, synopses, sort by categories, Innovation Showcase, and special hall happenings.


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