Outreach Encounters, one of the four cornerstones of NTSA’s EcosySTEM of Learning, defines the many ways in which NTSA provides opportunities for students to experience life in the modeling and simulation industry. Its intent is to introduce students to career opportunities in the industry and support pathways for connections to industry, Government, and academic institutions. For example, each year at I/ITSEC and also at MODSIM World, student tours provide opportunities for high school students to take a guided visit to the Exhibit Hall of the conference, to talk with professionals, and to sample the technologies that comprise this industry. This allows students to experience, first-hand, the exciting areas that can be explored as a part of this industry. Similar experiences are provided for college students and for ROTC students to visit and interact with professionals in the field of Modeling, Simulation and Training. NTSA also provides live virtual tour options that students can explore, and outreach visits to labs around the country engaged in stimulating, state of the art research in this area. As a part of outreach, we are also developing opportunities for students to be partnered with an industry representative for a year-long “conversation” and experiences to provide the students with advice and guidance about careers in the STEM fields.

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