EcosySTEM of Learning

The EcosySTEM of Learning (EoL) focuses on strategically and tactically building interest and educational momentum through a wide breadth of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) initiatives. The EoL mission is to establish, nourish, and maintain a solid foundation for launching future leaders and fostering the future workforce.

Supporting national and global emphasis on life-long learning, the EoL is designed to meet the challenges identified by the National Training and Simulation Association (NTSA) within the fields of modeling and simulation, training, education, analysis, and related disciplines.

The EoL exposes endless possibilities, builds confidence, and grows competencies by providing holistic training paths that prepare today’s learners for a successful tomorrow while also furthering opportunities of the current workforce.

Designed for agility and diversity, the EoL is built upon four major cornerstones. Each cornerstone is comprised of initiatives which provide impactful substance to the EoL architecture and to those who engage.

Outreach provides for encounters through observation, interaction, and immersion.

Discovery Den provides platforms promoting presentation skills and sharing of subject matter expertise.

Focused Workshops provide curriculum through classes, short courses, seminars and more.

Career Investment provides advancements with long term professional goals in mind.

Learn more about each of the EoL cornerstones and better understand the collaborative environment established in support of the NTSA EoL program.

EcosySTEM of Learning