Professional Development Workshops

NTSA’s Professional Development Workshops (PDWs) are professional development opportunities, currently offered on the final day (Friday) of I/ITSEC, with plans to expand these offerings to other NTSA events.

These workshops provide an opportunity to professionals working in simulation, training, and education for Career Investment, through half-day explorations of relevant scholarly, governmental, and professional topics in an in-depth and interactive manner.

Subject-matter experts lead each workshop, and participants are encouraged to contribute to the discussions. The Workshops provide a convenient way to advance Career Investment and to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs). CEUs are formal credits, awarded by a University, that individuals can earn by participating in continuing education activities.

Timely workshop topics are selected by NTSA volunteers who are practicing professionals in the field, based on new industry trends, emerging technologies, or areas of interest identified by stakeholders and end-users. Although topics may vary from year to year, Professional Development Workshops emphasize relevant, innovative, and current topics for participants in these NTSA events during I/ITSEC and throughout the year.