Focused Workshops

The EcosySTEM of Learning (EoL) focuses on strategically and tactically building interest and educational momentum through a wide breadth of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) initiatives. The Focused Workshops cornerstone provides curriculum through classes, short courses, seminars, and more.

Our efforts strive for workforce development through teacher and student programming, among others. Focused Workshops are how the EoL reaches the workforce, teachers, and students.

Teacher Focused

The goal of teacher focused programming is to familiarize teachers of science, technology, engineering, and math with the field of modeling and simulation and to support STEM education and careers. The modeling and simulation industry is growing, and it depends on a pool of talented engineers, computer scientists, and behavioral scientists, among other professionals. Teachers' awareness of this field will help to guide young people toward preparing for modeling and simulation careers. Past attendees of teacher focused programming have been impressed with their experience and are still talking about applying what they learned to their daily teaching activities.

Student Focused

Student focused programming is comprised of a combination of live, online, and on-demand opportunities for students to share their own work and experiences, to learn about what other students are doing, and to participate in discussions with professionals about modeling and simulations.

In the past, in-person student participants have demonstrated technical projects focused on modeling, simulation, and training, or will discuss their solutions to mathematical modeling problems. Students involved in our student focused programming will learn about STEM and M&S opportunities through career panel presentations.

Workforce Development

Part of the EoL is built upon partnerships between teachers, students, and industry. This is comprised of mentorships specifically between industry partners and schools. Through building these networks and relationships, teachers and students learn more about the industry and can help broaden awareness towards students entering modeling and simulation careers.

We are continuing to recruit industry partners to be involved in the EoL.

EcosySTEM of Learning