Human Performance Analysis and
Engineering Subcommittee

Chair: Jennifer Solberg, Quantum Improvements Consulting
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Deputy Chair: Scott Johnston, Booz Allen Hamilton

This subcommittee seeks papers that focus on the human dimension, addressing humans as an integral component within systems and in mission accomplishment. Papers should address the application of Human Performance Analysis & Engineering (HPAE) topics such as: achieving the third off-set, human performance measurement/effectiveness methods, tools, and evaluations; human-computer interface (HCI) design and evaluation; usability/user experience; decision-support systems; knowledge management tools and techniques; and impact of HPAE on organizations. Specifically, the subcommittee seeks papers that leverage and extend the capabilities of an individual or team during training, and/or impact learning transfer and operations, especially those associated with cyber, LVC, Black Swan events and medical. Papers supported by human performance data gathered from innovative, scientifically valid experiments are especially valued.