Education Subcommittee

Chair: Stu Armstrong, Cole Engineering Services, Inc.
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Deputy Chair:
Marryam Chaudry, XR 2 LEAD
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This subcommittee seeks papers that discuss the development and application of instructional strategies, methods, theories, and best practices that promote or advance learning. Papers should clearly articulate recent and innovative advances in the development and application of standards, methods, theories, and strategies across all phases of the learning lifecycle (analysis, design, development, delivery, and evaluation) to promote and/or accelerate learning. Of particular interest are papers that report qualitative and/or quantitative data using new and innovative media types. The use of big data and analytics as a means to further accelerate learning and capture large data sets that can be used for qualitative and or quantitative educational research is another area of interest. The Education Subcommittee welcomes conceptual papers discussing continuous improvements to military, corporate, or STEM education that will accelerate learning research and theory, and can be implemented in an operational context to support the paper’s findings. Emerging areas of interest include but are not limited to individual, team, collective, joint, and coalition training leveraging strategies that include mobile, social, blended, and adaptive learning.