Proposal to Workshop to Presentation

Stage One: The Workshop Proposal

As a prospective workshop presenter, you will submit an abstract, topical outline, and a set of learning objectives. 

Stage Two: The Draft Workshop Presentation

If your workshop proposal is selected for expansion into a presentation, you will be assigned a bird-dog, who will be your liaison to the Workshops Subcommittee and be a champion for your presentation at the July Review. You will submit the following materials for the Stage Two submission, via the same portal as your Stage One submission, using the same login and password:

  1. A draft set of presentation slides.
  2. A draft agenda.
  3. Revisions to your Stage One submission based on the Subcommittee feedback provided by your birddog. Please submit original plus any updated content for: One-paragraph topic description; Intended audience and relevance to I/ITSEC; Summary of hands-on activities and techniques to promote interaction; Short statement of benefits participants will gain.

The deadline for Stage Two submissions is 21 June.

Stage Three: The Final Workshop Presentation

If your workshop is selected for I/ITSEC, you will receive bird-dog feedback and then you will submit a final workshop for presentation, your final workshop will be submitted via the same portal as your abstract/draft workshop, using the same login and password.

Additional Concerns

For any concerns, please contact your bird-dog (assigned if your submission was approved). If you are unable to locate your bird-dog, contact Benjamin Bell and Jana Breburdova, Workshop Co-Chairs, at or for questions about your Workshop.

 If you are unable to reach anyone listed above, please contact Debbie Langelier, VP, NTSA, at