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Best Papers

Human Performance Analysis and Engineering:
Simulating Augmented Reality Spatial Accuracy Requirements for Target Acquisition Tasks
ID #19343
*Selected as Best Paper at I/ITSEC 2019

Emerging Concepts and Innovative Technologies:
Reinforcement Learning for Automated Textual Reasoning

Enhancing Learning Outcomes Through Adaptive Remediation with GIFT
ID #19275

Policy, Standards, Management and Acquisition: 
Effects of Bottlenecks within Military Training Pipelines
ID #19145

Fully Automated Photogrammetric Data Segmentation and Object Information Extraction Approach for Creating Simulation Terrain
ID #19245

Advise When Ready for Game Plan: Adaptive Training for JTACs
ID #19105

Best Tutorials

Superforecasting: Proven Practices for Leveraging Human Ingenuity
ID #1921
*Selected as Best Tutorial at I/ITSEC 2019

An Introduction to Cognitive Systems for Modeling & Simulation
ID #1914 

Artificial Intelligence: Past, Present, Capabilities and Limitations
ID #1919