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Call for Submissions

Call for Abstracts for IITSEC 2018 is now closed, please contact Bob Kleinhample or Dave Milewski (contact details below) for additional details

To help you prepare for I/ITSEC 2019 2018 Call for Papers and Tutorials (PDF)

Before you submit in 2019 review the Authors' Handbook and watch this 6 minute video on "How NOT to Prepare an I/ITSEC Abstract."

2018 Program and Tutorial Board Chairs

Program Chair

Bob Kleinhample
Phone: (757) 325-0014

Tutorial Board Chair
David Milewski
Alpha Omega Change Engineering, Inc.
Phone: (757) 224-5491

Paper Presenters

As a Paper presenter, your presentation will be grouped with other papers on a similar topic. Each paper will be allowed a 30 minute period, with 20 minutes for the presentation and 10 for Q&A and transition to the next presenter.

Tutorial Presenters

As a Tutorial presenter, you will have a 90 minute block of time for your presentation. Occasionally, a Tutorial is given a double block.

Other links containing valuable information for authors/presenters:

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Program Committee