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Serious Games

Serious Games Showcase & Challenge

The Serious Games Showcase & Challenge (SGS&C) celebrates the use of games and game technology as a delivery medium for instructional material. The Challenge is divided into categories: Business, Government, Student, Mobile, and Special Emphasis. After a rigorous evaluation, the top entries from all received are selected as finalists and invited to Showcase their Games on the exhibit floor during I/ITSEC.  A second round of evaluations from worldwide industry experts determines the "Best in Category" for each of the categories.  Awards are presented at I/ITSEC to recognize this prestigious accomplishment PLUS an additional award is selected by all I/ITSEC attendees via provided ballots for the "People's Choice Award" -- the serious game attendees deem the Best of Show.

For more information about this year’s Serious Games Showcase and Challenge, visit the  I/ITSEC SGS&C website.

Past Winners of the I/ITSEC Serious Games Showcase & Challenge

Best Serious GameGator Six by WILL Interactive
People’s Choice: Co-Winners (due to tie in votes): Steel Beasts Professional by eSim Games and Game DIS (GDIS) by Research Network Incorporated

Best Serious Game: Tactical Iraqi by Tactical Language Training
People’s Choice: Vigilance by Harrington Group

Best Serious Game Business Category Burn Center by 360Ed
Best Serious Game Student CategoryAge of Ecology by High School Interns at the USGS
Best Serious Game Government CategoryGeoCommander by SPAWAR Systems Command
People’s Choice: Direct Action by Canadian Armed Forces

Business CategoryVESSEL Damage Control Trainer by BBN Technologies
Student CategoryNihongoUp by Lycee Francais de Prague
Government CategoryComputer Base Corpsman Training System by RDECOM-STTC
People’s Choice: Computer Base Corpsman Training System by RDECOM-STTC

Business CategoryMarketing 101 - The Principles of Marketing by Muzzy Lane
Student CategoryEnergize by FIEA
Government CategoryMoonbase Alpha by NASA
People’s ChoiceBoarders Ahoy! The Maritime Interdiction Game by NATO ACT

Business CategoryAir Medic Sky One by the University Medical Center Utrecht (Holland)
Student CategoryGarden Defense by Katelyn Procci from the UCF Retro Lab
Government CategoryFirst Person Cultural Trainer by US Army's TRADOC-TRISA
Mobile CategoryEPP Operator Maintainer Course by C2 Technologies
Special Emphasis Category of Adaptive Force TrainingBushudo: The Way of the Radical by Mr Kevin Harris of the University of Wisconsin-Madison
People’s ChoiceQuality Tycoon by Northrop-Grumman

Business CategoryVirtual Attain by RealTime Immersive
Student CategoryMachineers by IT University of Copenhagen
Government CategoryCross-Cultural Competence Trainer (3CT) Mobile by Joint Knowledge Online, Joint Staff J-7
Mobile CategoryDragonBox+ by WeWantToKnow AS
Special Emphasis Category of Adaptive Force TrainingGovernment in Action by McGraw-Hill Education
People’s ChoiceC-ID Combat Vehicle Detection & Identification by AEgis Technologies

Business CategoryMACBETH by University of Oklahoma
Student Category A Slower Speed of Light by MIT Game Lab
Government Category Decisive Combat by Singapore Armed Forces Centre for Leadership Development
Mobile Category: GORRDEE by US Army PdM-Ground Maneuver
Special Emphasis Category -- Adaptive Force Training: MACBETH by University of Oklahoma
Students’ Choice Winner: Algeburst by Muzzy Lane Software
People’s Choice WinnerGORRDEE by US Army PdM-Ground Maneuver


Best Industry Developed Serious GameInfo Sentinel Travel Security by MAVI Interactive
Student CategoryCyber Heist by University of Utah
Government CategoryStrike Group Defender by Office of Naval Research
Mobile Category: Eagle Eye by US Army PdM-Ground Maneuver
Special Emphasis Award – Use of Social Media: Nanocrafter by University of Washington Center for Game Science
Students’ Choice Winner: The Underground Railroad by Muzzy Lane Software for National Geographic
People’s Choice WinnerEagle Eye by U.S. Army PdM-Ground Maneuver

Best Business Game: Project Desal by Monkeystack (from SimTecT). First time for international challenge partner game to win!
Best Government Game: MUM-T Strikeforce by US Army PdM-Tactical Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Best Student Game: Healthx by University of Utah
Best Mobile Game: Project Desal by Monkeystack (from SimTecT). First time for international partner game to win!
Best Social Media Crowdsourcing Game (Special Emphasis Award): Unsavory by University of Miami
Students' Choice: Particle in a Box: The Quantum Mechanics Game by Georgia Institute of Technology
People’s Choice: MUM-T Strikeforce by US Army PdM-Tactical Unmanned Aircraft Systems