Best Tutorials

Best Tutorials

The Best Tutorial Committee is composed of representatives from government, industry, and academia. The Tutorial Board will nominate three tutorials as candidates for the Best Tutorial Award for the current I/ITSEC Conference. The Best Tutorial Committee selects the winner from the best tutorial nominations submitted. The committee uses defined criteria in the evaluation of the nominated tutorials for the selection of the best tutorial winner. The selection of the best tutorial represents the culmination of the I/ITSEC Conference. Being nominated is considered an honor in the industry. The winner of the Best Tutorial Award will be announced during the I/ITSEC Authors' Reception.

Past I/ITSEC Best Tutorials

2009:  Virtual World Technologies for the 3D Internet, Michael R. Macedonia, Ph.D, Jon Watte, SAIC

2010:  Return on Investment (ROI), Edward J. Degnan, PhD, Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation

2011:  Why Games Work-The Science of Learning, Curtiss Murphy, Alion Science and Technology

2012:  Distributed Simulation Fundamentals, Margaret L. Loper, Ph.D., Georgia Tech Research Institute

2013:  Model Verification and Validation Methods, Mikel D. Petty, Ph.D., University of Alabama in Huntsville

2014:  Bridging the Gap: How to Build Effective Game-based Training, Jan Cannon-Bowers, Ph.D., Clint Bowers, Ph.D., Katelyn Procci, Skilan Ortiz, Jennifer Loglia, Budd C. Darling, III, Cubic Advanced Learning Solutions