I/ITSEC 2023 Special Considerations/AV Support Form

Submit this form by 15 September if AV is NOT sufficient for your presentation.


Each I/ITSEC Presentation room will have the following setup and standard audio/visual support available for papers and tutorials. If these specifications do not meet your needs, please indicate additional support requests in the space provided below. We will attempt to support these requests based upon your advanced notification and availability; requests are not guaranteed. Authors will be informed about the status of their requests.

  • Speaker's Podium: Standing with light and note shelf. Microphone on Podium. Lavalier mics are not provided in paper, tutorial, or professional development workshop rooms. We strive to provide accessible events that enable all individuals to engage fully. Please note: the podium is located on a riser with a few steps. If you require assistance or a different configuration, please provide your accommodation request. You will be contacted by our staff to address your needs.

  • Presentations will be preloaded and available on the in-room computer. Computers will have USB ports disabled for security purposes.

  • Practice Rooms will have all presentations preloaded. AV will be the same setup in the practice rooms as the Presentation Rooms.

If you require internet, you must bring your own MiFi device and computer. This should be coordinated with your subcommittee chair. If using another computer is approved, the subcommittee chair will ensure that the presentation is the same one as previously submitted.