Student Tours

Information on Student Tours for I/ITSEC 2021 will be posted soon.


Live Virtual MS&T Tour: Tuesday, 1 December 2019, 1000 – 1200

NTSA, sponsor of I/ITSEC, will be partnering with the Florida High Tech Corridor, stemConnect and will present a live stream unique learning experience virtual tour. Students will get a complete understanding of how they can apply the STEM-related skills they learn in the classroom to highly successful careers in the industry. A moderator will be visiting many MS&T exhibits and these professionals will reinforce science learning in the classroom. 

Your class can join as your bell schedule allows, use the chat function to receive answers to any questions.

Student Tours will be conducted on Thursday of I/ITSEC from 0900 – 1300

Over the years, thousands of Central Florida high school students have participated in a unique learning experience by visiting the Exhibit Hall during I/ITSEC. The purpose of the I/ITSEC Student Tours is to allow students to experience first-hand, real-world Training, Simulation and Education solutions that will help bridge the gap between classroom theory and the applied used of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) subjects.

Annually over 500 students, plus chaperones and volunteer I/ITSEC escorts, are exposed to special demonstrations and static displays of the Simulation, Training and Education Industry. Students are able to learn about the basic building blocks required to deliver high fidelity modeling and simulation products across a broad range of training environments. Participating in the I/ITSEC Student Tours (traditionally held on "I/ITSEC Thursday") gives students a complete understanding of how they can apply the STEM related skills they learn in the classroom to highly successful careers in the Industry.

Invitations with registration information will be sent to interested schools in early SeptemberIn order to reach as many schools and students as possible, first priority will be given to schools that have not previously attended I/ITSEC. Registration is limited to 20 students per school, with the total student registration not exceeding 500 students. Schools must provide one chaperone for each six students that are registered. Transportation to and from the Convention Center is the responsibility of the school.

Bill "Roto" Reuter
(240) 577-9017

Students expand their horizons and experience the world of modeling and simulation at past I/ITSECs.