Onsite COVID-19 Testing

NTSA will be offering onsite COVID-19 testing for our attendees at the Orange County Convention Center. Follow the directions below to book your appointment.

  1. Take out your mobile phone
  2. Point your camera at the QR code below
  3. A dropdown will appear at the top of your screen. Click on the dropdown and login
  4. Use your Phone Number and Date of birth to login
  5. Confirm your current information is accurate and submit your order
  6. If you are not already in the system, please fill out the form and submit your information





Side hallway next to S210A meeting room, South Hall, OCCC


  • Sunday, 28 November, 0800 – 1800
  • Monday, 29 November, 0700 – 1800
  • Tuesday, 30 November, 0700 – 1800
  • Wednesday, 1 December, 0700 – 1800
  • Thursday, 2 December, 0700 – 1500

Please note: NTSA is not responsible for any payments to Covid Testing, llc. Attendees are responsible for the payment of their own test. Covid Testing, llc does not accept insurance, but they can provide an itemized bill to anyone wanting to submit a claim to their insurance to see if the insurance company will reimburse the amount paid.

If preferred, local COVID-19 Testing Facilities in Orlando are also available.


COVID-19 Safety & Attendance Information