COVID-19 FAQs/Travel

The health and safety of I/ITSEC attendees, exhibitors, and volunteers is NTSA’s number-one mission. We are working closely with all of our partners at the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC), our host hotels, and conference vendors to ensure we present an event that meets all recommended health and safety requirements for our attendees, exhibitors, and team. I/ITSEC will follow the latest guidance and recommendations for large groups and meetings from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In addition, the OCCC Operational Procedures & Guidelines adhere to those same guidelines and includes the implementation of physical distancing measures, strict sanitization and cleaning protocols, and hand sanitizing stations. 

What are travel guidelines in the USA for attending I/ITSEC?
Each state has specific guidelines in place for travel, please review your states guidelines or those states you plan to travel through for your arrival to I/ITSEC. To help with your travel planning, NTSA has collected sites we think will be helpful. Please review the following links for your specific plan for arrival/departure into and around Orlando. We will continue to update this list as we receive new information.

What are the DoD response/guidelines for COVID-19?
Please review the following sites for information and resources on COVID-19 related subjects for members of the DoD community.

I/ITSEC is an NTSA hosted event, and as such does not require agency approval to hold the event. We will follow meeting related guidelines detailed in the COVID-19 Workplace Safety: Agency Model Safety Principles; issued 9/13. You may review this document on the front page of Safer Federal Workforce and meeting guidelines on page 5.  

What are some best practices that I/ITSEC will develop and implement onsite in Orlando?
These measures are just a sampling of what we plan for I/ITSEC, we will continue to assess and evaluate the latest solutions in the coming months. We will continue to work with our venues in Orlando and as we update our plans, we will share them with you. 

Will I/ITSEC require attendees and exhibitors to wear masks?
Please refer to the Attendance and Mask Policies on the COVID-19 Health Safety Information page.

Will I/ITSEC provide masks if I forget mine?
We would like you to ensure that you have your own masks for your personal comfort and safety. NTSA will make disposable masks available at registration and the NTSA show office.

Will I/ITSEC provide hand sanitizer and hand washing stations?
The OCCC will provide environmentally friendly hand sanitizer dispensers, including touchless units when possible, in key contact areas such as entrances, stairs, elevators, escalator landings, etc. In addition, there are 728 restroom sinks in the North/South building, and each is equipped with germicidal antibacterial soap. I/ITSEC will also work with the OCCC to ensure there are adequate stations for all I/ITSEC events. 

How many hand sanitizing stations will be set up?
At this time there will be a minimum of 70 hand sanitizer stations in the North/South building. Individual hand sanitizers will also be available at registration.

Will you be taking temperatures or other pre-screening methods to determine the health of attendees before they enter the OCCC?
We are working closely with the OCCC, our host hotels, and conference vendors to ensure we follow the latest guidance and recommendations for large groups and meetings from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In addition, the OCCC Operational Procedures & Guidelines adhere to those same guidelines. NTSA will inform participants prior to I/ITSEC if temperature pre-screening is required to attend the show. 

If I am running a fever and not allowed entrance, will I receive a refund of my conference fee?
It is our goal to provide a safe and healthy environment for all participants at I/ITSEC. Any attendee who is not able to attend due to illness will have their registration fees refunded, less a $75 processing fee.

Is there a permanent first aid station at the OCCC? How often/when is it staffed? Is the staff trained to recognize, treat, and process COVID-19 cases?
I/ITSEC arranges first aid stations and personnel through a local provider. These stations are staffed from the moment I/ITSEC begins the move in process to the OCCC until the final person moves out. The EMTs and staff are ready to recognize and respond for COVID-19, as well as other critical health symptoms and illnesses. Additional information as it is updated about first aid procedures will be provided prior to I/ITSEC.

What is the closest medical facility to the OCCC?
Dr. P. Phillips Hospital is less than 4 miles from the OCCC.

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