I/ITSEC 2023 Fellows Nomination Form


The following distinguishing and relevant nominee attributes are suggested for committee consideration:

  • National and/or international awards, decorations, honor, etc.

  • Description of how, when, and where the nominee made their personal significant contributions.

  • Description of how the nominee’s contribution(s) are being used today or impact our tradecraft today.

  • What distinguishes the nominee from others in the same field?

  • Additional facts regarding the nominee (e.g., colleague/peer letters of support for nominee).

Expand upon the information in the 1-page summary by showing distinguishing and relevant nominee attributes:

  1. Describe the contributions made by the nominee to the Modeling, Simulation and Training (MS&T) Community, with an emphasis on how this individual was a significant influence in shaping current MS&T technology and practice.

  2. The application should clearly demonstrate that the nominee personally made the contribution and provide details to include circumstances, time, duration, location, etc.

  3. The application should clearly distinguish the nominee from others in their discipline because of their contribution to MS&T Community.

  4. The application should clearly demonstrate that the nominee’s contribution is still applicable or foundational to M&S Community, or how their contribution paved the pathway for the current MS&T technology and/or practice.

    a. Is the contribution a technology that forms the foundation for frameworks, architectures, etc. and still used today?

    b. If the contribution is not to MS&T Technology, how is the contribution beneficial to the industry or MS&T community today?

  5. The application should clearly provide additional facts/information that the nominee has made a lifetime of contributions and accomplishments in MS&T Community. For example:

    a. Did the nominee file any patents?

    b. Did the nominee provide public service to the MS&T Community?

    c. Did the nominee receive National and/or international awards, decorations, honors, etc.?