I/ITSEC Career Fair

Wednesday, 4 December
10:00am - 5:00pm 
OCCC, Room S331C

Virtual simulation and training products are used in nearly every industry including military, industrial, healthcare and education. The simulation and training field encompasses nearly every degree including engineering, psychology, instructional design, game development, business, data analytics, cybersecurity, technical writing, medical and much more. Job opportunities just keep growing especially in the defense industry which has led the way in developing cutting edge solutions in simulation-based training.

Click here to see the fourteen organizations below are participating in the inaugural I/ITSEC Career Fair. 

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Questions? Email Kristy Murray at kmurray13@earthlink.net with “IITSEC Career Fair” in the subject line.

**Registration for the job fair does not include entrance to the conference or exhibit hall. Entrance to the exhibit hall is free on Monday, 2 December. Exhibit hall registration information can be found here.


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