Proposal to TUTORIAL to Presentation

 Proposal to Tutorial to PRESENTATION

 Author Handbook: Please review and keep this valuable guide handy as you work through the Tutorial Proposal and Presentation process.

    Stage One:  The Tutorial Proposal
  • As a prospective tutorial presenter, you will submit an abstract, topical outline, and a set of learning objectives. Note: tutorial authors do not submit papers.
  • Online tutorial proposal form (open 5 Jan - 26 February)

    Stage Two: The Draft Tutorial Presentation
  • If your tutorial proposal is selected for expansion into a presentation, you will be assigned a birddog, who will be your liaison to the Tutorial Board and be a champion for your presentation at the July Review. You will submit a draft set of presentation slides for review.
  • Full Tutorial Presenter's Kit containing all of the files listed below.Downloading this file requires WinZip, a free program that will allow you to open the file. If you cannot open the file, go to and install WinZip on your computer. For more information, visit

        Individual Files:
             Author Handbook
             Tutorial Presenters Guide
             Tutorial Release Form (Start Early*)
             SUBMIT via scan/e-mail to Dave Milewski,
             Tutorial Template
             AV Requirements Form (doc)

*Why start so early on the Clearance Form? Here's a message from one submitter: " For ...., we are not permitted to submit the paper without public release being completed.  They claim (and I see their perspective) that it is available to 150 people once submitted and that collection is still “public”.  We started four weeks prior to the original submission date to get corporate and government customer approvals and those are just starting to trickle in."

If you are having difficulty in uploading your tutorial presentation, the files you are trying to send may be too large for your system to handle. Some authors have had good luck using sites such as or
However you decide to proceed, please let me know so I can watch for the material. If you could also provide the subcommittee that will save me some "look-up" time.

    Stage Three: The Final Tutorial Presentation
        If your presentation is selected for I/ITSEC 2016, you will receive birddog feedback and then you will submit a final tutorial for presentation. The upload instructions are the same as provided above.

Additional Concerns
For any concerns please contact your bird-dog (assigned if submission
approved). If unable to locate your bird-dog, contact:
Elizabeth Biddle ( for questions about your Paper, or Dave Milewski ( for questions about your Tutorial.
If unable to reach either, contact Barbara McDaniel (