Continuing Education


What are CEUs?

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are formal credits that individuals can earn by participating in professional development activities. They were established in 1970 to create a quantifiable way to monitor ongoing education and training activities, such as industry conferences.

At I/ITSEC, the University of Central Florida’s Division of Continuing Education administers the I/ITSEC CEU process and certification for all tutorials, papers, and post-conference Professional Development Workshops. To receive CEU credit, participants must attend the presentation in person. Participants will be asked to sign-in for attendance purposes to ensure CEUs are granted to the right individuals.

Why earn CEUs at I/ITSEC?

“CEUs are a convenient and efficient way to keep track of my participation in professional development activities.”

  • CEU credit reinforces your commitment to remain current in the evolving technologies relating to simulation and training, and some careers require you to demonstrate your up-to-date industry knowledge by earning your annual CEUs
  • The CEU transcript indicates your active participation in the technical program of the conference to your employer.
  • Previous attendees have indicated that CEUs have assisted them in securing approval to attend the conference.

    Who may earn CEUs at I/ITSEC?

All paid conference registrants are eligible for CEU credit (at no additional charge); however, to receive CEU credit, participants must attend and be scanned in to the respective tutorials, paper sessions, I/ITSEC Fellows Special Event, and/or post-conference professional development workshops.

How do I earn CEUs at I/ITSEC?

     1.  REGISTER: Registering as a paid conference registrant automatically triggers registrant eligibility for CEUs at no additional charge. However, only those who select the CEU option under the  ]Registration Step 3- Additional Items- Continuing Education Credits category will be issued CEUs credits. Therefore, to ensure you receive CEUs and further instructions, be sure to “click” the CEU checkbox during your registration.


        • TUTORIALS:  All I/ITSEC participants (not just those registered for the conference) may attend the tutorials; however, only paid conference registrants may earn CEUs for the tutorials without paying a fee.  Be sure your badge is scanned upon entering the tutorial to ensure receiving credit.

        • PAPERS: Conference registrants may attend any paper session. however, only paid conference registrants may earn CEUs without paying a fee.  Be sure your badge is scanned upon entering the paper (per paper, not per session) to ensure receiving credit.

        • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS:  (Less formally known as “Friday Workshops”) are open to all I/ITSEC attendees; however, only paid conference registrants may earn CEUs without paying a fee.
        Also, for planning purposes, participants must register ahead of time to participate in these workshops. Be sure your badge is scanned upon entering the workshop to ensure receiving credit.  (Click here for names and descriptions of the Workshops). (available soon)

    3. CERTIFICATES:  CEU certificates will be issued based on attendance. If CEU transcripts are needed, participants can request these directly by contacting our offices (see below). Ten contact hours equate to one CEU credit.

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    CEU Coordinator
    Maria Cherjovsky
    Director of Programs
    UCF Connect, Division of Continuing Education
    3280 Progress Drive, Suite 700
    Orlando, FL  32826
    Phone: 407-882-0247

    Continuous Learning Points (CLPs)

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition workforce members are expected to earn Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) to stay current in leadership and functional acquisition skills that augment the minimum education, training and experience standards established for certification purposes within their acquisition career fields.  It is each acquisition member's responsibility to meet the goal of 40 CLPs each year and to meet the mandatory requirement of 80 CLPs every two years.  Acquisition Professional Activities are allowed to count toward CLPs.  CLPs are awarded in accordance with DoD-wide guidelines as augmented by Service-specific policies.

    I/ITSEC provides an excellent opportunity for the DoD acquisition workforce members to earn mandatory CLPs.