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Special Events 

Each year I/ITSEC hosts a series of special events that reflect topical areas in the world of Modeling, Simulation and Training. From looking into the future of medical simulation to seeing what Hollywood's most cutting edge effects wizards can bring to the industry, I/ITSEC's Special Events are always innovative and informative.

The I/ITSEC Special Events are divided into four general categories:

  • Signature Events: Must see "Flag Level" type events such as the Congressional Panel, General/Flag Officers Panel.
  • Focus Events: High interest panels and speakers.
  • Community of Interest/Program Briefs: Smaller audience, tightly focused
  • Floor Events: These are events that take place solely on the Exhibit Floor

For further details, full list of speakers, check out the above.  Brief synopses of some of the events are listed below.  Please continue to check the links for any updates that may occur.  For more information on the full I/ITSEC Program, click on the "Detailed Program Agenda" tab to the left of this screen.

Operation Blended Warrior (Addressing 23 Years of LVC Status Quo)
Monday "Disaster Strikes"  1430-1600
Tuesday "Immediate Response"   1530-1700
Wednesday "Countering Exploitation"  1030-1200
Wednesday "Securing the Skies" 1600-1730
Thursday "Overmatch: Forward from the Sea"  1030-1200

In this Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) Special Event, industry members and government organizations are joining forces to create an LVC environment for the purpose of: 1) showcasing their capabilities, and 2) collecting data on challenges
encountered during their efforts. The relative effort to establish an LVC event versus the benefit of, or the effort to conduct the LVC event is out of kilter; the former takes considerably more time and effort, and too little is being done to address this discrepancy.

This year, Operation Blended Warrior will provide attendees with glimpses of the state of LVC capabilities constrained to I/ITSEC confines, as well as insights into the number, degree and priority of challenges encountered. This year’s concentration is on standards, after action review, and traditional LVC and cyber-contested environments using a Black Swan (humanitarian assistance) event as a backdrop. In future years, additional complexities and concentrations will be added to the event construct — both to showcase additional capabilities, and to tease out additional challenges that need to be addressed.


Congressional Modeling and Simulation Event

 Monday 1030-1200

Select Members of Congress will participate in this I/ITSEC Event
This special event invites everyone attending the conference or exposition to hear from the training and simulation leaders in congress. It is also a great opportunity for you to interact with Congressional Members on issues of importance to you or your company and to impress upon them your priorities. With defense budgets constrained, this forum provides you an opportunity to advocate for value of training and simulation in support of national security.
Attendees will hear how Congressional Members see the situation in Washington and have the opportunity to make their case for timely investments in Modeling and Simulation. With every budget dollar being scrutinized, strong advocacy for training and readiness has never been more important. This event is always standing room only, so get there early.

DoD Small Business Programs
Monday 1530-1700

General/Flag Officer Panel

 Tuesday 1030-1200

Global forces are squeezed between declining budgets and expanding threats. The U.S. Army and Marine Corps have posted plans to significantly reorganize and downsize.  Meanwhile, terrorist threats continue to spread across the globe. Nations are experiencing increasing pressure from immigration issues on their borders and a wave of cyber attacks from the net. Our Senior Officer panel will be challenged to address current and future environments and give perspective on how we “forge the future through innovation”. This year’s panel will include senior representatives from all the U.S. Military Services and NATO. Following opening remarks, the audience will be able to interact with the panel through written questions. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from national leaders on the way ahead.

Forging the Future of Navy Training (Training Innovation: Key to Maritime Strategy

 Tuesday 1400-1530

 This year’s conference theme, “Forging the Future through Innovation” focuses on the ever changing landscape, and how innovation continues to be one of the key factors in our future.

The United States Maritime Strategy calls for a force that is forward, engaged and ready.  In times of limited budgets and force size, it’s the readiness of our personnel that will provide our continued warfighting advantage. Training sits at the very core of that readiness, and remains one of the greatest tools available to ensure our Sailors remain our greatest asymmetrical

In ensuring our future force remains flexible, agile and ready, our Navy will use innovative training methods to train them more efficiently and to ever-higher levels of proficiency. The maritime strategy calls for the sea services to “create a true learning competency that unites our acquisition, requirements, and programming efforts to deliver the latest in technology and design, resulting in realistic simulation and live, virtual, and constructive scenarios before our people deploy…” It is understood that high-quality training is an investment in our people. We capitalize on this investment in training by making affordability a priority throughout the training system cycle of research, development, acquisition and sustainment.

The sea services of the United States will remain critical to securing the nation’s national security objectives, and well-trained forces are critical to our Navy’s ability to meet its mission. This panel of senior Navy leaders will provide insight into how training our Sailors fits into our national maritime strategy, now and in the future, from an acquisition, research and technology and mission readiness perspective.

Training the Cyber Warrior: A Learner-Centric Model (Cyber is THE domain and WE are at Risk! )

Wednesday 0830-1000

The timing for this special event could be no more opportune. Although cyber remains a high priority for the DoD, our training capability for cyber is nascent and our methods and tools to train this force are still emerging. This world-class panel of cyber learning experts will share lessons from their cyber training experiences and assess the current cyber training landscape. Together, they will address critical cyber readiness issues: How can we train cyber in the right way, and what role can DoD play in taking cyber training to the next level, in partnership with academia and industry?

BLACK SWAN– Setting the Stage (Join Us for the I/ITSEC Black Swan Kickoff!)
Wednesday 1030-1200

A Black Swan event refers to a high impact/low probability event. It is an occurrence that is very difficult to predict, and carries a massive impact. Throughout history, these events, both good and bad, have had a substantial impact on individual organizations, entire industries, nations, or populations on a global scale. Black Swan is typically associated with the phrases “That will never happen”, “That can never be done”, “No one would ever do that” or “What
if?” Because they will never happen we assume away their risk or potential value. Are they truly unpredictable?

We rarely take time to try to imagine the unimaginable. Why spend time studying something that will never happen? Why should we spend time and resources attempting to conceptualize and plan for something that will never happen? The answer is obvious — They do happen! The significance of Black Swan to I/ITSEC is that you can’t study the effects of a Black Swan in reality — you have to do it in Simulation and Simulation is what we do best.

F-35 Lightning II – Live, Virtual, Constructive (LVC)
Wednesday 1400-1530

Service leaders will discuss the future of training for the F-35 including how LVC will be leveraged for increased proficiency of the aircrew. The Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force share a common vision and goal for LVC with respect to training on the F-35, where in the end state there will be no discernable differences between live and constructive adversaries beyond visual range for the F-35 pilots. Panel members will discuss the future of joint virtual and constructive distributed training from their Service perspectives.

Fellows Program: Duncan (Duke) Miller, Ph.D., "SIMNET and Beyond: A History of the Development of Distributed Simulation"

 Wednesday 0830-1000

 Dr. Duncan (Duke) Miller has been a key figure in the development of distributed simulation for 30 years. In 1983, he formed and led the development of the SIMNET system and protocols. He chaired the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) Technical Committee that developed the DIS Standards, and served on the government/FFRDC team that developed the High Level Architecture (HLA). He was a founding member of the Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO), where he served as Chair of SISO’s Board of Directors, Chair of SISO’s Conference Committee, and as a member of SISO’s Executive Committee. From
2001-2012, he was SISO’s Executive Director.

In this presentation, Dr. Miller provides a unique perspective on how distributed simulation was conceived and developed, including major milestones, tests, and demonstrations. He offers anecdotes and insights regarding key events and individuals, as well as comments on subsequent developments.

Training Adaptive Leaders for a Black Swan World (Thriving in Uncertainty)

 Thursday 1030-1200

Is the world actually getting more complex, or are we just bombarded with information?  There is no simple answer.  However, with the world’s increasing interconnectedness, we do know one thing. T here is a growing awareness (in the military and elsewhere) of a meteoric rise in potential “Black Swan” challenges and events that are difficult to predict.  How to prepare for this?

This Signature Event will focus on the critical human dimension — the importance of training and developing truly adaptive leaders, able to challenge the status quo and embrace innovation.

The event features a diverse panel of top experts.  Expect a wide-open discussion that will apply to the future of military training, business industry practices, academic research, and learning how to thrive in ambiguous environments.

This panel builds upon the earlier Black Swan Signature Event as well as I/ITSEC’s new Operation Blended Warrior floor activity.


Warfighters Corner (From the Tip of the Speakr: Joint Warfigher Panels)
Booth 2681

Tuesday 1530-1700
Wednesday 1030-1200
Thursday 1030-1200

As combat operations draw down, our warfighters are still expected to perform heroically around the globe without hesitation. In recognition of their service, Warfighters Corner provides an opportunity to meet warfighters from across the Services to hear their personal experiences to better understand the impact education and training has on their job performance.
Warfighters Corner presents multiple events during the conference featuring service men and women recently returned from deployment. These Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen derive the great benefit from I/ITSEC and the organizations and industries that support the conference. Many of the speakers have served multiple tours and will be sharing their stories, their personal experiences, and their views of what was or was not effective in terms of the training they received prior to deployment.
All Warfighters Corner sessions will include representatives from each of the Services. The presenters will discuss operations and also provide insights into the role of Allies, international organizations and private organizations in theater. The Wednesday morning session will be attended by veterans groups from the local Central Florida area. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend these sessions!


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