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Special Events 

Each year I/ITSEC hosts a series of special events that reflect topical areas in the world of Modeling, Simulation and Training. From looking into the future of medical simulation to seeing what Hollywood's most cutting edge effects wizards can bring to the industry, I/ITSEC's Special Events are always innovative and informative.

In 2014, we are dividing the traditional I/ITSEC Special Events into three levels.
Signature Events: Must see "Flag Level" type events such as the Congressional Panel, General/Flag Officers Panel.
Focus Events: High interest panels and speakers.
Community of Interest/Program Briefs: Smaller audience, tightly focused

For further details, full list of speakers, check out the above.  Brief synopses synopsis of some of the events are listed below. 
You may also be interested in the  Conference Agenda.

Please continue to check the links for any updates that may occur. For more information on the full I/ITSEC Program, click on the "Brochures" tab to the left of the screen.

Congressional Modeling and Simulation Event
(Signature Event)

 Monday 1030-1200

This special event continues to excite attendees with its expectations for learning the thinking of the M&S Caucus Membership. At the same time, and more importantly, it is an opportunity to reach out to the Congressional Members at I/ITSEC, who are in a listening mode, for clearer understanding of what M&S is doing for technology based training. This refers not just to military applications because simulation is central to the national economy, our society and our overall well being. Therefore, audience attendees should be prepared to inform Caucus Members how the vitality of the American economy can improve with an expansion of M&S in everyone’s daily life, and further to mention the promise it holds for the nation’s future. An end to the era of budget reductions is not in the immediate future so there is no waiting period for action. We tell it as it is, now, and enhance the conversation with our Congressional Leaders.

General/Flag Officer Panel
(Signature Event)

 Tuesday 1030-1200

With the increasing worldwide terrorism threat and the challenge to international preparedness, this year’s Senior Officer Panelists will include in their remarks the global security challenge and how the Services are coordinating training readiness to deter, defend against and defeat a common enemy. There is no question that a period of great uncertainty continues to threaten our way of life, particularly in light of sustained financial and personnel pressures. The preparedness focus, therefore, is on the Services’ ability to have the same or greater capability with a reduced force structure in the next decade. Technology contributions retain their significance in supporting the war fighter regardless of the force size. At the same time, innovation and agility propel the now and future force to a superior edge in the fight to emerge the winner while procuring victory not just in combat but to overcome an ideology that seeks to destroy us.

 Enabling Combat Readiness: Live, Virtual, Constructive (LVC) Training
(Signature Event)

 Tuesday 1400-1530

 This year’s conference theme, “Trained and Mission Ready: Deter, Defend, Defeat” focuses on the need for readiness for any situation. The I/ITSEC Service Principals are pleased to sponsor this event which will showcase senior training leaders across the U.S. Department of Defense. The current and future state of Live, Virtual, Constructive (LVC) training will be addressed and examples of programs will be presented by each Service. The discussion will include the vision and challenges of using LVC training and the resulting benefits.

Fellows Program: Andrew Ceranowicz, Ph.D., "Metasimulation"
(Signature Event)

 Wednesday 0830-1000

 We recognize Andy Ceranowicz, Ph.D. as the 2014 I/ITSEC Fellow. Dr. Ceranowicz has long been recognized as a leading technical innovator within the broad simulation community. While working for DARPA, he inspired and led the development of a line of Semi-Automated Forces (SAF) systems including SIMNET SAF, ModSAF, and JSAF. Later, he led the integration of the Millennium Challenge 2002 federation which linked together entity level simulations from all the Services and served as the basis for the Joint Live Virtual and Constructive simulation used by Joint Staff J7. At U.S. Joint Forces Command J9, he was responsible for large-scale federation development, including the development of the Urban Resolve federation, which used supercomputer assets to simulate urban populations with hundreds of thousands of individual entities. Currently, he is the Navy Continuous Training Environment (NCTE) Architect at the Navy Warfare Development Command (NWDC) and a Chief Scientist at Alion Science and Technology. At NWDC, Dr. Ceranowicz is responsible for standards development to maintain interoperability in a worldwide training environment that links live ships, virtual trainers, and constructive JSAF.
In this presentation, Dr. Ceranowicz draws on a uniquely extraordinary experience that started with the DARPA SIMNET program and has continued through responsibility for today’s most widely used simulation federations. He postulates a logical basis for the field of simulation as a whole and applies the resulting concepts to current problems of maintaining fair play and interoperability during simulation composition.
This event provides a rare opportunity to interact with a visionary leader as he describes a ground-breaking basis for understanding simulation as a field of endeavor and its implications for solving the most pressing problems we face today. Come, listen, learn, and share in the inspiration for that which lies ahead!.

Training the Human Dimension in a Time of Austerity--The Opportunity of Technology
(Signature Event)

 Thursday 1030-1200

Not since WWII has DoD faced funding and force reductions on par with what it is on the horizon today. Training has historically been hard hit when budgets have fallen. How can technology help trainers maintain force readiness? This event will discuss what technologies (e.g., modeling and simulation, artificial intelligence, virtual reality) could become or enable on-demand, home station training to enhance or replace cancelled exercises.
Training leaders from both the military and industry will talk about training in today’s environment and how technology has transformed current training. Particular attention will be given to how the commercial sector is coping in a more competitive environment of smaller defense budgets; and where it foresees innovative training technologies satisfying greater defense needs.

Warfighters Corner: Booth 2681
(Focus Event)

Tuesday 1530-1700
Wednesday 1030-1200
Thursday 1030-1200

As combat operations draw down, our warfighters are still expected to perform heroically around the globe without hesitation. In recognition of their service, Warfighters Corner provides an opportunity to meet warfighters from across the Services to hear their personal experiences to better understand the impact education and training has on their job performance.
Warfighters Corner presents multiple events during the conference featuring service men and women recently returned from deployment. These Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen derive the great benefit from I/ITSEC and the organizations and industries that support the conference. Many of the speakers have served multiple tours and will be sharing their stories, their personal experiences, and their views of what was or was not effective in terms of the training they received prior to deployment.
All Warfighters Corner sessions will include representatives from each of the Services. The presenters will discuss operations and also provide insights into the role of Allies, international organizations and private organizations in theater. The Wednesday morning session will be attended by veterans groups from the local Central Florida area. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend these sessions!


Ignite at I/ITSEC 2014
(Focus Event)

Tuesday 1600-1730

Imagine a place where provocative talks by leading experts are delivered in 5 minutes each. If you’ve been to I/ITSEC the past years, you’ve experienced just that, as well as the impact those 5-minute talks can have.
With data breaches, malware, spy bots, and internet hacks constantly in the news, we asked our speakers to share their thoughts on Cyber. For this year’s edition of Ignite! at I/ITSEC, we ponder the question, how does Cyber enable or constrain our ability to be Trained and Mission Ready?
Our distinguished speakers will inspire, stimulate, entertain, educate, and amaze you with their take on Cyber and it’s impact on our world of simulation and training. They will touch on topics ranging from the Internet of Everything to the Social Media Revolution. Their expertise and enthusiasm will surprise, compel, provoke, and perhaps even shock you, but you will be energized!
This special event features passionate presenters from industry, academia, and government using their 5-minutes and 20 slides, auto-advancing every 15 seconds, to jam-pack information into each talk for this dynamic and fun event.

Improving Patient Safety--Does Simulation Help?
(Focus Event)

Wednesday 1030-1200

According to the 1999 report “To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System,” up to 98,000 people die in hospitals annually as a result of preventable medical errors. Even more are harmed, adding to the negative impact of patient safety errors. Patient safety issues include wrong-site surgery, hospital-acquired infections, falls, hospital readmissions, diagnostic errors, and medication errors. As expected, these errors add significantly to the cost of healthcare in the U.S., estimated between $17 billion and $29 billion additionally per year.
The issues of health and patient safety have implications for the DoD and Veterans Health Administration (VHA), as well as the state of our nation’s homeland security. To help fix the problem, the DoD Patient Safety Program was established to create a culture of patient safety and quality within the Military Health System. Similarly, the Department of Veterans Affairs established the National Center for Patient Safety, focused on reducing inadvertent patient harm as a result of their care. Ensuring patient safety is definitely a priority.
As simulation gains popularity in civilian, DoD, and VHA healthcare education and training processes, it is important to consider simulation’s impact on patient safety and to ascertain where the healthcare and simulation communities should make changes. Our panel of healthcare simulation leaders will provide their perspective on how simulations are improving patient safety, and where there is opportunity for continued improvement and additional development.

Mind Over Matter
(Focus Event)

Wednesday 1400-1530

The Department of Defense must provide a broader set of skills so that Service members are much more than physically fit. Warfighters need to be “mindful” and resilient — and ready and able to adapt to unfamiliar operating environments and cultures. The areas of mental fitness, emotional intelligence and “soft skills” development are becoming increasingly important to military readiness, and stretching training and education programs in new directions.
This event will introduce this cutting-edge subject and its importance from several unique perspectives. Questions to explore include … What can we learn from the years of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan and from the experience of those who served? How can mental fitness be fostered, and what are the benefits for Service members (including those transitioning) and for our evolving global military mission? What role can DoD and stakeholders play in the years ahead?


A Virtual World Cup for Collaborating, Understanding & Partnering
(Focus Event)

Wednesday 1600-1730

This event will focus on Foreign Military Sales (FMS) for security cooperation among government and industry partners, both in the United States and those countries where FMS programs are approved. The presentations will provide insight on global government organizations, programs with unique requirements definition, and challenges faced by government leaders and industry in the complex environment surrounding international training and M&S opportunities. The idea in sharing information is to explain how M&S may be accommodated in light of future business considerations.
In addressing the possibilities for potential future programs, speakers will discuss how modeling, simulation and training play significant roles in building partner capacity and increasing global cooperation for increased interoperability. The exchange of information and sharing of ideas, to include audience participation, will encompass how the presenters can help you help yourself when attempting procurement or delivery involving international programs’ unique challenges, rules and regulations. In other words, here are the challenges and opportunities within the international community of training and M&S, with industry and government expertise we can expedite program execution and build partner capacity.

The Quantified Warrior
(Focus Event)

Wednesday 0830-1000

This unique session (title inspired by Blackhurst, Gresham & Stone (2012), Armed Forces Journal) brings together pundits from the U.S. and U.K. militaries, academia, and industry to discuss new approaches to comprehensive warfighter assessment, including integration of the latest technologies, psychometric tools, and system-design methods. The panel will highlight significant issues in the measurement and assessment of human knowledge, skill, and performance in the military, and panelists will recommend actions to overcome those obstacles. In part, this session is designed to help “bridge the gap” between theoretical science and military application. Although panelists will discuss emerging concepts, the conversation will be grounded in reality and without hyperbole. * Opportunities for audience Q&A. *


The Intelligence Community's Challenge to Training Innovators
(Focus Event)

Thursday 1330-1500

The Intelligence Community (IC) shares with its sister agencies in the DoD continued budget contraction and a growing array of complex threats. Across the IC, including DoD intelligence components, organizations are facing unprecedented growth in the volume and diversity of data. Analysts are contending with dramatic growth in open source information; with insurgent groups sophisticated about social media and disciplined about OPSEC; and with historical superpower adversaries whose actions once again are generating urgent needs for immediate and longer-term intelligence. At the same time, slowed hiring and attrition are creating an acute need for training in order to ensure a future talent pool of highly-skilled analysts.
This event addresses the question “how can the training and simulation community support the intelligence analyst?” set against the backdrop of multiple complex and inter-related threats. Training and education leaders in the IC will provide their insights into what analysts need and discuss initiatives aimed at sustaining critical skills and enhancing capabilities to overcome emerging challenges. Panelists will also offer observations about the art of the possible and how future learning technologies could support the intelligence analyst. A moderated Q&A will be followed by an informal meet and greet. *

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