Special Events

Special Events

Each year I/ITSEC hosts a series of special events that reflect topical areas in the world of Modeling, Simulation and Training. From looking into the future of medical simulation to seeing what Hollywood's most cutting edge effects wizards can bring to the industry, I/ITSEC's Special Events are always innovative and informative.

The I/ITSEC Special Events are divided into four general categories:
  • Signature Events: Must see "Flag Level" type events such as the Congressional Panel, General/Flag Officers Panel.
  • Focus Events: High interest panels and speakers.
  • Community of Interest: Smaller audience, tightly focused
  • Program Briefs: Briefs from the Services for ongoing programs

For further details, full list of speakers, check out the above link to Special Events.  Brief synopses of the Signature Events are listed below.  Please continue to check the links for any updates that may occur.  For more information on the full I/ITSEC Program, click on the "Detailed Program Agenda" tab to the left of this screen.

Operation Blended Warrior (LVC is not as easy as "Plug and Play")

OBW Playbook
OBW Sponsors
Monday "Unrest to Upheaval"      1430-1600     
Tuesday "The Opposition Strikes"       1430-1600     
Wednesday "Taking Control"      1030-1200     
Wednesday "Turning the Tide"     1600-1730     
Thursday "The Enemy Unmasked"      1030-1200     
Bombings, piracy, urban warfare, and air, ground and cyber attacks!
Balboa, a small country with limited military suffers from unrest. Embers spark to fire in multiple critical situations across the region, forcing medevac, cyber and hostage situations, and multiple air, ground and sea strikes. In this Special Event, Year 2 of Operation Blended Warrior, you’ll see capabilities of 55 industry and government participants, actual military teams and the integration of 97 unique systems — all within one Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) environment. As the operation unfolds throughout the week, you’ll see the latest LVC capabilities in an extremely demanding environment from booth 349 (a Command Center perspective) — or visit industry members in their booths to talk to them and see the capability from the operator’s perspective.
Why Operation Blended Warrior?
Over the years there has been a lot of progress in the individual disciplines (Live, Virtual Constructive), but there hasn’t been a lot of progress in the rapid integration of all three. Operation Blended Warrior aims to address this through a 4 year special event, each year adding scope and complexity while identifying big challenges and driving down planning time and costs.
Check your Meeting Bags or stop by Booth 349 for a full listing of the participants and the programs to be demonstrated.     

Congressional Modeling and Simulation Event

 Monday     1030-1200     

This special event invites everyone attending the Conference or Exposition to hear from the training and simulation leaders in Congress. It is also a great opportunity for you to interact with Congressional Members on issues of importance to you or your company and to impress upon them your priorities. With defense budgets constrained, this forum provides you an opportunity to advocate for value of training and simulation in support of national security.  Attendees will hear how Congressional Members see the situation in Washington and have the opportunity to make their case for timely investments in Modeling and Simulation. With every budget dollar being scrutinized, strong advocacy for training and readiness has never been more important. This event is always standing room only, so get there early.

General/Flag Officer Panel

 Tuesday     1030-1200     

Global forces are squeezed between declining budgets and expanding threats. Services continue to reorganize and downsize but also face significant readiness challenges. Meanwhile, terrorist threats continue to spread across the globe. Nations continue to deal with the effects of mass migration from the middle east and cyber-attacks are becoming an everyday occurrence requiring huge investments in personnel and funding. Our Senior Officer panel will be challenged to address current and future environments while they “Push the Training
Envelope” with Live, Virtual and Constructive solutions. This year’s panel will include senior representatives from all the U.S. Military Services and NATO. Following opening remarks, the audience will be able to interact with the panel through written questions. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from national leaders on the way ahead.

U.S. Air Force’s Live, Virtual, Constructive Operational Training (LVC-OT) General Officer Steering Group (GOSG)

 Tuesday     1400-1530     

 Attendance at this event will allow I/ITSEC participants to engage directly with Air Force senior leaders regarding current and planned Air Force activities related to Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) Operational Training. Participants in this panel will be senior leaders (General Officers or Senior Executive Service members) representing the Operations Directorates (A3) of Headquarters Air Force (HAF), and several Air Force Major Commands (MAJCOMs).  The speakers will each provide their perspectives on LVC as it applies to their respective organizational missions. This panel discussion provides the opportunity for USAF A3 leaders to interact with the Simulation and Training community at large, provide updates on
progress made to date, and share plans for future LVC activities.

Finding and Keeping Cyber Operators

Wednesday     0830-1000     

The timing for this special event is most opportune. The demand for skilled cyber operators is at an all-time high and growing — but how can we help meet that demand and build up the talent pipeline? What traits do we need to look for to recruit the best possible cyber experts — the next “cyber-Jedi” — and what kind of environment can best amplify and promote those traits? This session will bring together a diverse group of top experts (both military and non-military) to address these critical cyber workforce development and training issues.
A Design for Maintaining Maritime Superiority (Special Session Keynote:  ADM John Richardson, CNO     

Wednesday      1030-1200     

In this special event, Navy leaders will discuss the critical importance of modeling, simulation and training to support the Chief of Naval Operations’ (CNO) Design for Maintaining Maritime Superiority.
The scope and complexity of the challenges faced today demand a different approach than that offered by a classic campaign plan. The CNO’s guidance frames the problem and a way forward while acknowledging that there is inherent and fundamental uncertainty in both the problem definition and the proposed solution.
The execution of this Design is built along four Lines of Effort that focus on warfighting, learning faster, strengthening our Navy team, and building partnerships. These lines of effort are inextricably linked and must be considered together to get a sense of the total effort.