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I/ITSEC Scholarship 

The RADM Fred Lewis I/ITSEC Postgraduate Scholarship awards are offered at the Masters level in the amount of $5,000, and at the Doctoral level in the amount of $10,000. The scholarships are being offered to stimulate student interest and university participation in preparing individuals for leadership in the Modeling & Simulation, Training, and Education communities. In the event that suitable candidates for one level are not identified, funds may be combined to provide two awards at the same level of study.  The scholarship recipient (s) will attend I/ITSEC at the expense of the I/ITSEC organization, where he or she will be recognized, view the latest in simulation, training and education technologies and meet leading figures from Government, Industry, and Academia associated with this community.

For information about current winners, follow the link below to go to the I/ITSEC Scholarship main page.

Past Winners of the I/ITSEC Scholarship

1st Annual
Martin Altman, MCL Production Lead, UCF/IST
2nd Annual
Craig S. Rosenberg
3rd Annual
Dolores Karolick
4th Annual
David McCoy

5th Annual
Gary George
6th Annual
Scott Friedman
7th Annual
Ryan Siders
8th Annual
William Yurcik, Illinois Wesleyan University
9th Annual
Beverly Kristenson Jaeger, College of Engineering, Northeastern University
Amy Henninger, Soar Technology, Inc.

10th Annual
Elizabeth Sheldon Biddle, Sonalysts Inc. 
William J. Gerber, W. J. Gerber Consulting

11th Annual
Laura Lyn Arns, Virtual Reality Applications Center, Iowa State University
Judith B. Hale, Naval Education Training Command

12th Annual
Allen Bierbaum, Iowa State University
13th Annual 
Alma Sorensen, NAVAIR
Katherine A. Wilson, Institute for Simulation and Training, University of Central Florida

14th Annual
Heather A. Priest
15th Annual
Quynh-Anh (Mimi) Nguyen, Doctoral Candidate, Engineering Modeling and Simulation, VMASC/ODU
Renee DeRouin, Doctoral Candidate, Industrial and Organizational Psychology

16th Annual
David Kabala, Masters Student, Human Computer Interaction, Iowa State University
Jason Moss, Doctoral Student, Human Factors Psychology, Clemson University 

17th Annual
Alexander D.  Walker, Masters Student, Human Factors Psychology, Clemson University
CPT Paul F. Evangelista, USA, Doctoral Student, Decision Science and Engineering Systems, Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute

18th Annual
Kartik Trehan, Masters Student, Applied Mathematics and Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University
Keith Edward Biggers, Doctoral Student, Texas A&M

19th Annual
John Tran, Doctoral Student, University of Southern California
Kara Olson, Doctoral Student, Old Dominion University
20th Annual
Sallie Weaver, Doctoral Student, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, University of Central Florida
21st Annual
Victor Boyer, Doctoral Student, Industrial Engineering, University of Central Florida
Jessica Wildman, Doctoral Student, Industrial/Organizational Psychology
University of Central Florida

22nd Annual 
Brice B. Pollock, Master of Science Student, Mechanical Engineering and Human Interaction, Iowa State University
Marissa L. Shuffler, Doctoral Candidate, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, University of Central Florida

23rd Annual 
Graham Fleener, Master of Science Student, Modeling and Simulation
University of Central Florida
Michelle Alvarado, Doctoral Candidate, Industrial Engineering
Texas A & M University

24th Annual
Rebecca Grossman, Doctoral Candidate, Industrial Organizational Psychology, University of Central Florida
Thomas Stokes, Master of Science Student, Human Factors and Ergonomics, North Carolina State University

25th Annual
Mitchell J. Bott , Doctoral Candidate, Modeling and Simulation, University of Alabama in Huntsville 
Daniel A. O'Neil, Doctoral Candidate, Modeling and Simulation, University of Alabama in Huntsville

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